# cat config.ru
require "roda"

class App < Roda
  route do |r|
    # GET / request
    r.root do
      r.redirect "/hello"

    # /hello branch
    r.on "hello" do
      # Set variable for all routes in /hello branch
      @greeting = 'Hello'

      # GET /hello/world request
      r.get "world" do
        "#{@greeting} world!"

      # /hello request
      r.is do
        # GET /hello request
        r.get do

        # POST /hello request
        r.post do
          puts "Someone said #{@greeting}!"

run App.freeze.app

A Modular, Scalable Ruby Framework

  • Built on Rack

    Ruby's de facto webserver interface.

  • Flexible Architecture

    Any design pattern for any application.

  • Rich Set of Included Plugins

    Tools for every aspect of web development.

  • Simple, Reliable API

    Currently at version 3.82.0

  • Security Focused

    Encrypted sessions, per-form CSRF tokens.

  • Streaming Views & Assets

    Mailers, JSON APIs, and more...

Learn Roda. It's Easy!

RubyConf 2014 - Roda: The Routing Tree Web Framework by Jeremy Evans

Watch Roda's lead developer guide you through design philosophy and basic functions. Get up and running in no time!

Roda is the fastest Ruby web framework,
as measured by the r10k benchmark.

Comparison to Popular Ruby Web Frameworks

Data: Requests/Second | Initial Memory Usage

Comparison to Other Ruby Web Frameworks

Data: Requests/Second | Initial Memory Usage

Compare to Sinatra

Roda aims to take the ease of development and understanding that Sinatra brings, and enable it to scale to support the development of large web applications.

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