module Roda::RodaPlugins::PrecompileTemplates::ClassMethods

  1. lib/roda/plugins/precompile_templates.rb

Public Instance methods


Freeze the template caches. Should be called after precompiling all templates during application startup, if you don’t want to allow templates to be cached at runtime. In addition to ensuring that no templates are compiled at runtime, this also speeds up rendering by freezing the template caches, so that a mutex is not needed to access them.

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   # File lib/roda/plugins/precompile_templates.rb
55 def freeze_template_caches!
56   _freeze_layout_method
58   opts[:render] = render_opts.merge(
59     :cache=>render_opts[:cache].freeze,
60     :template_method_cache=>render_opts[:template_method_cache].freeze,
61   ).freeze
62   self::RodaCompiledTemplates.freeze
64   nil
65 end
precompile_templates(pattern, opts=OPTS)

Precompile the templates using the given options. Note that this doesn’t handle optimized template methods supported in newer versions of Roda, but there are still cases where makes sense to use it.

You can call precompile_templates with the pattern of templates you would like to precompile:

precompile_templates "views/**/*.erb"

That will precompile all erb template files in the views directory or any subdirectory.

If the templates use local variables, you need to specify which local variables to precompile, which should be an array of symbols:

precompile_templates 'views/users/_*.erb', locals: [:user]

You can specify other render options when calling precompile_templates, including :cache_key, :template_class, and :template_opts. If you are passing any of those options to render/view for the template, you should pass the same options when precompiling the template.

To compile inline templates, just pass a single hash containing an :inline to precompile_templates:

precompile_templates inline: some_template_string
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    # File lib/roda/plugins/precompile_templates.rb
 93 def precompile_templates(pattern, opts=OPTS)
 94   if pattern.is_a?(Hash)
 95     opts = pattern.merge(opts)
 96   end
 98   if locals = opts[:locals]
 99     locals.sort!
100   else
101     locals = EMPTY_ARRAY
102   end
104   compile_opts = if pattern.is_a?(Hash)
105     [opts]
106   else
107     Dir[pattern].map{|file| opts.merge(:path=>File.expand_path(file, nil))}
108   end
110   instance = allocate
111   compile_opts.each do |compile_opt|
112     template = instance.send(:retrieve_template, compile_opt)
113     begin
114       Render.tilt_template_compiled_method(template, locals, self)
115     rescue NotImplementedError
116       # When freezing template caches, you may want to precompile a template for a
117       # template type that doesn't support template precompilation, just to populate
118       # the cache.  Tilt rescues NotImplementedError in this case, which we can ignore.
119       nil
120     end
121   end
123   nil
124 end
precompile_views(views, locals=EMPTY_ARRAY)

Precompile the given views with the given locals, handling optimized template methods.

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    # File lib/roda/plugins/precompile_templates.rb
127 def precompile_views(views, locals=EMPTY_ARRAY)
128   instance = allocate
129   views = Array(views)
131   if locals.empty?
132     opts = OPTS
133   else
134     locals_hash = {}
135     locals.each{|k| locals_hash[k] = nil}
136     opts = {:locals=>locals_hash}
137   end
139   views.each do |view|
140     instance.send(:retrieve_template, instance.send(:render_template_opts, view, opts))
141   end
143   if locals_hash
144     views.each do |view|
145       instance.send(:_optimized_render_method_for_locals, view, locals_hash)
146     end
147   end
149   nil
150 end