module Roda::RodaPlugins::InvalidRequestBody

  1. lib/roda/plugins/invalid_request_body.rb

The invalid_request_body plugin allows for custom handling of invalid request bodies. Roda uses Rack for parsing request bodies, so by default, any invalid request bodies would result in Rack raising an exception, and the exception could change for different reasons the request body is invalid. This plugin overrides RodaRequest#POST (which parses parameters from request bodies), and if parsing raises an exception, it allows for custom behavior.

If you want to treat an invalid request body as the submission of no parameters, you can use the :empty_hash argument when loading the plugin:

plugin :invalid_request_body, :empty_hash

If you want to return a empty 400 (Bad Request) response if an invalid request body is submitted, you can use the :empty_400 argument when loading the plugin:

plugin :invalid_request_body, :empty_400

If you want to raise a Roda::RodaPlugins::InvalidRequestBody::Error exception if an invalid request body is submitted (which makes it easier to handle these exceptions when using the error_handler plugin), you can use the :raise argument when loading the plugin:

plugin :invalid_request_body, :raise

For custom behavior, you can pass a block when loading the plugin. The block is called with the exception Rack raised when parsing the body. The block will be used to define a method in the application’s RodaRequest class. It can either return a hash of parameters, or you can raise a different exception, or you can halt processing and return a response:

plugin :invalid_request_body do |exception|
  # To treat the exception raised as a submitted parameter
  {body_error: exception}


Public Class

  1. configure


Error =  

Exception class raised for invalid request bodies.

Public Class methods

configure(app, action=nil, &block)

Set the action to use (:empty_400, :empty_hash, :raise) for invalid request bodies, or use a block for custom behavior.

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   # File lib/roda/plugins/invalid_request_body.rb
46 def self.configure(app, action=nil, &block)
47   if action
48     if block
49       raise RodaError, "cannot provide both block and action when loading invalid_request_body plugin"
50     end
52     method = :"handle_invalid_request_body_#{action}"
53     unless RequestMethods.private_method_defined?(method)
54       raise RodaError, "invalid invalid_request_body action provided: #{action}"
55     end
57     app::RodaRequest.send(:alias_method, :handle_invalid_request_body, method)
58   elsif block
59     app::RodaRequest.class_eval do
60       define_method(:handle_invalid_request_body, &block)
61       alias handle_invalid_request_body handle_invalid_request_body
62     end
63   else
64     raise RodaError, "must provide block or action when loading invalid_request_body plugin"
65   end
67   app::RodaRequest.send(:private, :handle_invalid_request_body)
68 end