Last Update: 2023-12-14 14:42:40 -0800

New Features

  • A cookie_flags plugin has been added, for overriding, warning, or raising for incorrect cookie flags. The plugin by default checks whether the secure, httponly, and samesite=strict flags are set. The default behavior is to add the appropriate flags if they are not set, and change the samesite flag to strict if it is set to something else. You can configure the flag checking behavior via the :httponly, :same_site, and :secure options.

    You can configure the action the plugin takes via the :action option. The default action is to modify the flags, but the :action option can be set to :raise, :warn, or :warn_and_modify to override the behavior.

    The recommended way to use the plugin is to use it during testing, and specify action: :raise, so you can catch places where cookies are set with the wrong flags. Then you can fix those places to use the correct flags, which is better than relying on the plugin at runtime in production to fix incorrect flags.