Last Update: 2018-03-26 10:51:43 -0700

New Features

  • An early_hints plugin has been added for senting 103 Early Hint responses. This is currently only supported on puma 3.11+, and can allow for improved performance by letting the requestor know which related files will be needed by the request.

  • An :early_hints option has been added to the assets plugin. If given, calling the assets method will also issue an early hint for the related assets.

  • A :wrap option has been added to the json_parser plugin. If set to :always, all uploaded json data will be stored using a hash with a “_json” key. If set to :unless_hash, uploaded json data will only be wrapped in such a matter if it is not already a hash.

    Using the :wrap option can fix problems when using r.params when the uploaded JSON data is an array and not a hash. However, it does change the behavior of r.POST. It is possible to handle uploaded JSON array data without the :wrap option by using r.GET and r.POST directly instead of using r.params.