Last Update: 2018-02-14 09:11:44 -0800

New Features

  • A request_aref plugin has been added for configuring the behavior of the [] and []= request methods. These methods are deprecated in the current version of Rack, but Rack will only print a deprecation warning in verbose mode. With this plugin, you can choose to never warn, always warn, or raise an exception:

    # Don't emit a warning, allowing for the historical Rack
    # behavior
    plugin :request_aref, :allow
    # Always emit a warning when the method is called
    plugin :request_aref, :warn
    # Raise an exception if the method is called
    plugin :request_aref, :raise

Other Improvements

  • When using the content_for plugin and calling content_for with a block, convert the result of the block to a string before passing the result to Tilt. This can fix issues when the template class that Tilt uses does not handle non-String input.

  • When using the public plugin with the :gzip option, do not add the Content-Type or Content-Encoding headers if a 304 response is returned.

  • Add the spec/views/about directory to the gem, allowing the specs to run correctly using just the files in the gem.