Last Update: 2021-10-13 07:49:19 -0700


  • The r.is optimization added in 3.46.0 has been extended to optimize all single argument calls. This results in the following speedups based on argument type:

    • Hash/Class matching: 20%

    • Symbol matching: 25%

    • Array matching: 35%

    • Proc matching: 50%

    • false/nil matching: 65%

  • Roda now uses defined?(yield) instead of block_given? internally for better performance on CRuby. defined?(yield) is faster as it is built into the VM, while block_given? is a regular method and has the overhead of calling a regular method. Note that defined?(yield) is not implemented correctly on JRuby before, so this release of Roda drops support for JRuby versions before