Last Update: 2017-10-13 08:55:29 -0700

New Features

  • A :timestamp_paths option has been added to the assets plugin to include timestamps in paths in non-compiled mode. This can fix asset staleness issues when using a caching proxy. This is not needed in compiled mode, as the asset file names include the hash of the asset. It is not the default in non-compiled mode, as few people would use a caching proxy in non-compiled mode.

Other Improvements

  • Make set_layout_locals and set_view_locals in branch_locals plugin work when the other is not called.

  • When testing support for uglifier usability as a JS asset compressor, handle case where uglifier is installed but there is no available javascript runtime.

Backwards Compatibility

  • The deprecated Roda.thread_safe_cache method has been removed.

  • The deprecated private RodaRequest#placeholder_string_matcher? method has been removed.