Last Update: 2017-02-24 08:23:12 -0800

New Features

  • An :explicit_cache option has been added to the render plugin. This is similar to the :cache=>false option, but instead of disabling caching completely, this disables caching by default but allows for explicit caching of templates by providing the :cache option to view/render.

    In development mode, Roda now defaults to :explicit_cache=>true instead of :cache=>false.

  • An :inherit_cache option has been added to the render plugin, making subclasses of that class start with a dup of the template cache, instead of starting with an empty template cache. This can result in less memory used.

  • Roda#error_email in the error_email plugin now accepts non-Exception arguments (such as strings). This can be useful in conditions that are errors you may want to notify about, where an exception hasn’t been raised.

  • Roda#error_email_content has been added to the error_email plugin. This can be used to create the email message, which can be delivered via another mechanism, and may make testing easier.

Other Improvements

  • Roda.freeze in the static_routing plugin now returns self, fixing code such as Roda.freeze.app.