Last Update: 2016-01-15 08:53:26 -0800

New Features

  • The json plugin now accepts a :content_type option, which will override the default Content-Type response header used for responses.

  • Stream#write has been added to the streaming plugin, allowing the following type of code to work:

    stream do |out|
      IO.copy_stream(StringIO.new(content), out)

Other Improvements

  • Roda now works with ruby 2.3’s –enable-frozen-string-literal, and all of the library files are set to use frozen string literals by default.

    Most of roda’s plugin-specific dependencies were found to have issues with frozen string literals, and while pull requests have been sent to fix the issues, it’s unlikely that you would currently be able to use –enable-frozen-string-literal in production.

  • The json plugin will no longer override a Content-Type header if one is already set.