module Roda::RodaPlugins::Hooks

  1. lib/roda/plugins/hooks.rb

The hooks plugin adds before and after hooks to the request cycle.

plugin :hooks

before do
  request.redirect('/login') unless logged_in?
  @time =

after do |res|
  logger.notice("Took #{ - @time} seconds")

Note that in general, before hooks are not needed, since you can just run code at the top of the route block:

route do |r|
  r.redirect('/login') unless logged_in?
  # ...

However, this code makes it easier to write after hooks, as well as handle cases where before hooks are added after the route block.

Note that the after hook is called with the rack response array of status, headers, and body. If it wants to change the response, it must mutate this argument, calling response.status= inside an after block will not affect the returned status. Note that after hooks can be called with nil if an exception is raised during routing.


Public Class

  1. configure

Public Class methods

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   # File lib/roda/plugins/hooks.rb
36 def self.configure(app)
37   app.opts[:after_hooks] ||= []
38   app.opts[:before_hooks] ||= []
39 end