module Roda::RodaPlugins::Path

  1. lib/roda/plugins/path.rb

The path plugin adds support for named paths. Using the path class method, you can easily create *_path instance methods for each named path. Those instance methods can then be called if you need to get the path for a form action, link, redirect, or anything else.

Additionally, you can call the path class method with a class and a block, and it will register the class. You can then call the path instance method with an instance of that class, and it will instance_exec the block with the arguments provided to path.


plugin :path
path :foo, '/foo'
path :bar do |bar|
path Baz do |baz, *paths|
path Quux do |quux, path|

route do |r| 'foo' do
    r.redirect foo_path # /foo
  end 'bar' do
    bar_params = r.params['bar']
    if bar_params.is_a?(Hash)
      bar = Bar.create(bar_params)
      r.redirect bar_path(bar) # /bar/1
  end 'baz' do
    bar = Baz[1]
    r.redirect path(baz, 'c', 'd') # /baz/1/c/d
  end 'quux' do
    bar = Quux[1]
    r.redirect path(quux, '/bar') # /quux/1/bar

The path method accepts the following options when not called with a class:


Prefix the path generated with SCRIPT_NAME. This defaults to the app's :add_script_name option.


Provide a different name for the method, instead of using *_path.


Create a url method in addition to the path method, which will prefix the string generated with the appropriate scheme, host, and port. If true, creates a *_url method. If a Symbol or String, uses the value as the url method name.


Do not create a path method, just a url method.

Note that if :add_script_name, :url, or :url_only is used, will also create a _*_path method. This is necessary in order to support path methods that accept blocks, as you can't pass a block to a block that is instance_execed.


Public Class

  1. configure


DEFAULT_PORTS = {'http' => 80, 'https' => 443}.freeze  

Public Class methods

configure (app, opts=OPTS)

Initialize the path classes when loading the plugin. Options:


Register classes by name, which is friendlier when reloading code (defaults to true in development mode)

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# File lib/roda/plugins/path.rb, line 71
def self.configure(app, opts=OPTS)
  app.instance_eval do
    self.opts[:path_class_by_name] = opts.fetch(:by_name, ENV['RACK_ENV'] == 'development')
    self.opts[:path_classes] ||= {}
    unless path_block(String)
      path(String){|str| str}